Monthly Archives: November 2017

Month: November 2017 Zip-Lining Down a Mountain

Zip lining is fun for those of us who aren’t afraid of heights! I totally recommend it as an activity for just about anybody. Once you get used to the mechanics of it, it is actually pretty easy. I went recently with a friend of mine and man did we have a good time! If you’ve never been, here’s what

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Month: November 2017 A Date on Horseback

I was talking to a girl that I was trying to impress and she mentioned that she likes horses. So, me, being the charming guy that I am, offered to take her horseback riding. It might be hard to believe from reading this blog but I can actually be pretty charming when I want to be. At the time, I

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Month: November 2017 My Solution for Hot Days

I love summer time. However, sometimes it gets pretty darn hot here in Blue Ridge. There are days in July where I would rather die than do just about anything. Except tubing. Tubing is probably my favorite summer activity. If you’ve never been, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Tubing combines the best thing about swimming – the cool water

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