My Solution for Hot Days

I love summer time. However, sometimes it gets pretty darn hot here in Blue Ridge. There are days in July where I would rather die than do just about anything. Except tubing. Tubing is probably my favorite summer activity.

If you’ve never been, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Tubing combines the best thing about swimming – the cool water – with the beauty of doing absolutely nothing. And, lucky for me, the Toccoa River is close enough by that I can make an afternoon out of it. When you go tubing, you drive to the river, they usually drive you up river a distance, then give you a tube and a life jacket, and you get in the water. Then you slowly go along with the current back to where you started.

That’s it. Nothing to it.

Some places even allow you to buy a separate tube for your cooler and then you can have drinks (carbonated, alcoholic, or otherwise) float down the river along with you. Not every place allows coolers, and many don’t allow alcohol (because open water and drinking can often lead to trouble) so check before you go. You probably don’t need anything to help you enjoy the experience. Usually the scenery and the lazy floating is enough to calm you down and provide a good time without any additional help from beverages.

But no matter where you go, you get to sit in a tube and travel down a nice cool river at a comfortable pace, just relaxing and spending time with friends or family. The place I like to go has a section of river about an hour to an hour and a half depending on the current. It’s so relaxing that I have taken a nap a time or two!

Tubing is great because even smaller kids can do it. You’re not usually going down any kind of rapids or anything, it is more of a slow drift, so as long as they are a certain age or weight (depending on the place), you’re set. Just buckle them into a lifejacket, slap them into an inner tube, give it a push into the river and they’re off.

There are places that have rocks or other obstacles, and there are other places that can give you more of a rafting experience – and those are fun, too. I really do enjoy taking a day with a few friends and hitting the rapids every once in a while. However, I prefer to do that sort of thing on days that aren’t blisteringly hot – I am especially not going to paddle and exert myself on a day that is too hot.

Man, I can’t think of anything better to do with a nice day on the weekend. Or even a nice day during the week. Sorry, boss, cough cough, I’m sick, not coming in today. Actually, if my boss ever reads this, sir – I’ve never actually called in sick just to go tubing. That I can remember off the top of my head, anyway.