Monthly Archives: December 2017

Month: December 2017 Spent the Weekend Hiking

Sometimes being cooped up in an office all week long makes me a little crazy. When that happens, I usually grab a couple of friends and we go hiking on the weekend. Between being outside, the endorphin rush from physical activity, and the company, I usually feel like myself again by the end of the first day. The weather was

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Month: December 2017 Heading to the Beach

Like any state, we dwell in natural beauty in most parts. Georgia is known for scenic mountains, but there are times when you want something else. We also have gorgeous beaches. A few hours and you are there in the spot of your choice. Tourists love the quaint inns and resort hotels of Savannah. Charleston and Jacksonville are on either

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Month: December 2017 Stranded!

Have you ever been off-roading? I hadn’t until recently. Some friends do it regularly and attest to the fun outdoors. They talk about it all the time and their enthusiasm has been catching. It certainly got me. They tout the many benefits: it is exciting, dynamic, challenging, and daring. There is a bit of danger involved that gets the adrenalin

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