Heading to the Beach

Like any state, we dwell in natural beauty in most parts. Georgia is known for scenic mountains, but there are times when you want something else. We also have gorgeous beaches. A few hours and you are there in the spot of your choice. Tourists love the quaint inns and resort hotels of Savannah. Charleston and Jacksonville are on either side. After you explore the historic areas, you can lounge on the sand and watch the rhythm of the waves. When the sky is clear and the sun is beaming down, you are in a picturesque heaven. I don’t go nearly often enough. When some friends asked me to tag along, I didn’t hesitate.

The weather was perfect. We wore our swimsuits under loose shorts so we could be ready in minutes.  We brought out our crazy tees for the day. This was to be a time of fun and frolic.  The cold beer was icing in the cooler in the back of the van. Folded beach chairs were stacked neatly and ready to deploy. Someone went to the trouble of bringing a large striped umbrella for those with sensitive skin or tired of the sun. More important was the Bluetooth speaker so we can blast our music and entertain those all around. Food and water are essential and thick sandwiches are the order of the day at the shore. My friend’s wife gave him a cute picnic hamper lined in a red and white checked cloth. Everything else we need is toted in a backpack. Another friend has a waterproof colorful one, not the bland type you take camping.

If you ask me what else to bring on a beach day trip, the list is short. Just Beach Things, I always say. I always include cheap sunglasses. They can get lost in the sand when you go in the water and ride the waves. If your eyes can’t handle the salt water, just wear some goggles like you do in a chlorinated swimming pool. Then, of course, you must have a good terry beach towel, preferably decorated with colorful sea life. You can find yours after you have been swimming out to sea. If you get a bit tired on the way back, you can stumble to it in seconds and plop yourself down. Last but not least on my beach list is suntan lotion oil, whatever is left over from the last trip. If you forget this key item, you are sure to burn and peel.

Some people read on the beach and others swim the whole time. I like to take walks and talk to other strollers. I pick up rare finds like special seashells and occasionally an interesting rock or piece of drift wood. It all goes in the backpack at the end of the day. We empty the ice from the cooler, fold up the chairs and umbrella, shake the sand from the towels and head home.