Spent the Weekend Hiking

Sometimes being cooped up in an office all week long makes me a little crazy. When that happens, I usually grab a couple of friends and we go hiking on the weekend. Between being outside, the endorphin rush from physical activity, and the company, I usually feel like myself again by the end of the first day.

The weather was great all week, which made sitting in an office all day a real downer. I called up some friends and made plans to head out to Cooper Creek that weekend. With a plan in place, the rest of the work week was much more bearable.

Once Friday rolled around, I pretty much flew out of work. Everyone met up at my place because I’ve got the biggest trunk and was going to be doing the driving. We got to Cooper Creek and lucked out—we were able to get two sites next to each other, although we lost out on the creek side sites. The rest of the day was spent putting up tents, making ourselves a meal, and turning in early so we’d be ready for the next day.

Saturday was great. The weather was nice from the moment we got up. My buddy Kirk made everyone breakfast and then we headed onto the Yellow Mountain Trail. It’s a good trail – the incline is not enough to wipe you out, but enough that it felt like hiking and not walking through the woods. There are some spurs that offshoot here. While I was game to go through Mill Shoals, but nobody else wanted to. We ended up taking just the roughly 3 ½ mile loop of the Yellow Mountain Trail.

Once we finished the hike, we went back to the campsites. Joe decided to sack out and take a nap, but the rest of us had some lunch and chatted with some other campers. We talked about the AT (Appalachian Trail, for those curious) and how we’ve all hiked bits of it but never enough.

After we woke up Princess Joe, we went for a much easier trek on the Cooper Creek Trail. That one is way shorter, only about 1.6 miles. It’s also pretty easy going, perfect for an afternoon when all you want is to be under the canopy of trees and burn off some lunch. We got back from that trail and just hung around for a while. The original plan was to actually go out and get dinner but based on how we all smelled at that point, we decided not to bother.

The next morning came earlier than expected for those of us who decided to stay up and chat with some friendly girls who had passed by. Ray, who is married and did the responsible thing by turning in early, took a lot of joy in getting the rest of us moving so that we could pack up and get home for some showers and civilization.

It was a great weekend, and I’m going to be totally bummed about sitting at a desk come tomorrow. Tonight, though, I am looking forward to sleeping in an actual bed!