Training Any Way I Can

If I had to evaluate my physical self and rate my abilities on a scale from one to ten, I would be about a five. It is not impressive but a good place to start to build up muscle and strength. I have every intention of working with a bike trainer to gain stamina for a big adventure under the Blue Ridge canopy. I am planning an outing with friends to ride to the South Fork Trail & Loop and I don’t want to poop out anywhere along the way. Imagine holding up the group while I take a breather. Of course, someone else can be the culprit.

Training requires a rigorous schedule if you want to get serious and do it fast. For immediate results, you must ride a stationary bike at least for an hour a day. Then a morning tour on your moving bike is recommended to get used to real circumstances. In the mountains, the road can vary and be rather challenging. It is bad enough for a car not to mention a bike. Most people prefer a Jeep. I intend to go full out and make it with the motion of my legs. Once I gain the ability to attain this goal, I can do it whenever I like.

With some training under my belt, I am more confident that I can make it with some effort if not with ease. I felt that my legs are inches bigger. It may be a fantasy but it feeds my reality. I will know when I am ready to roll. The trail starts on GA 64 not far from home and proceeds to climb to the top of the mountain in the Blue Ridge region. I will go easily for the first four miles until the trail turns off as a single track. Things then will get tricky; I know because I have scoped it out. I appreciate that it is quite well marked. In precisely six miles from the start of the adventure, I will cross the Jacks River before I intersect with GA 126. Another right and I keep pedaling. It will be a full day, if not more.

I know people who have done it so I have good advice. This is why I started with the bike trainer from One friend scoffed when I mentioned my desire to tackle the trail. This was indication enough of what I had before me. I have done Beer Creek and Lake Russel Loop so I have enough basic experience. In fact, I am more well-versed than most. I just go at my own pace. With a group, I want to keep up.

While I am raring to go, you will have to wait until a future blog to hear the results. If you follow me on Instagram you will get a plethora of photos. I will describe every nuance of the trip for your benefit. Taking people out in the future is part of my life goal of owning a tourism business. Wish me luck.