Frequent Showering Dilemmas

I was away for a while, but I am back now and hope to provide you with many more interesting blog posts! There has been so much happening in this past period, meeting new people, experiencing new things, traveling around… I even got a new job a few months ago, though again it is an office job. Ughh, boooring! Well, at least it pays the bills for now, and I need a steady income, as I am still stuck with that student debt. So nothing new in terms of my old debt, it’s still alive and kicking!

Anyway, anyone who follows this blog knows about my love for the great outdoors. I love physical activity, hiking, riding a bike, you name it! This is how I manage to get through the long and tedious weeks of sitting behind a desk. And this is one of the things that helps me blow off some steam. However, since I got even more physically active recently, I shower quite often, sometimes a few times a day. True, there are certain health concerns with showering too often, for instance, it can disrupt your microbiome (basically your skin’s natural ecosystem), it can dry out your skin and it can be bad for your hair. Yet, for people who engage in a lot of physical activity, the daily shower should not be skipped.

Another issue with showering as much as I do is that the bills at the end of the month are not something to look forward to! So I decided to make some changes. A few friends of mine mentioned gas water heaters can be more cost-effective, so I did my own research online. I learned that while they are more cost-effective in the long-term, in the short-term they require an investment, as they are a bit more expensive than the usual electric ones. So I had a dilemma: should I invest now and possibly manage to save some money in the long run? Or should I simply stick to my electric heater? I decided I would do it. I read reviews on the best gas water heaters written by Greg and chose one.

I am getting it installed this weekend, and I am super excited! Did I make a good choice? I have yet to find out! It can take years to actually feel the benefit ‘in your pocket’, but at least I am trying to save every now and then. In the meantime, off to ride my bike!